Railcar Storage

We provide storage for:

  • Short Term
  • Long Term
  • Loads
  • Empties
  • Locomotives
  • Unit Train Sets (Coal and Grain)

Car storage is space available, first-come first-served.  Please inquire with your needs.


Rates are negotiated based upon customer requirements and types of cars or commodities. Typically rates are negotiated based upon volumes and current market conditions. Contact us for an individual quote. 

Switching charges vary by location.  A minimum interplant switching charge applies to all cars switched out from like cars for a specific car number or spotting cars for inspections, repair work or for cleaning.  See the individual local tariff applicable for the location requested for exact rates.

Typical freight rates for storage cars average $150 each way for a total of $300 per car round trip for non-hazardous cars unless a different rate is negotiated in advance.  See the individual Tariff applicable for the location requested.  

Tank Cars containing hazardous materials require authorization in advance and are subject to a freight surcharge in addition to the applicable standard freight rate. Check the local tariff for the location for applicable rates. 

At this time we Will Not Accept in interchange any car placarded Poison Inhalation Hazard.  


Contact us today for availability.