Mississippi Delta Railroad


Railroad Overview

The Mississippi Delta Railroad, MSDR, based in Clarksdale, MS, operates 60 Miles of rail line in Northwest MS from a connection with the Canadian National Railway at Swan Lake MS. The MSDR is operated for Coahoma County by Rock Island Rail. The MSDR's principle commodities include Scrap, Paper, Polystyrene, PVC, Fertilizer, Cotton, Grains and other Agricultural Products. 

The MSDR has storage capacity for approximately 1500 rail cars. We also offer rail car repair for storage customers and to outside third parties. Rock Island Rail can provide Rail Equipment such as Covered Hoppers, Boxcars and Gondolas for online loading for customers. Inquire with your specific needs. The MSDR operates Monday through Friday and as needed.

Locomotives Operated, 3

Standby Switch Engine Service is available to all customers as needed 24/7

Team tracks for transloading are available in the following locations;

Sumner MS

Clarksdale MS

Coahoma MS

Reid Dawe

General Manager, MSDR


Freight Rates call;

John T Lambert

855-663-7625 Ext 703



Terry Redeker

855-663-7625 Ext 707

Cell 901-598-4611


Storage Car Information call;

Robert J Riley

855-663-7625 Ext 701